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So, what is counselling anyway?

Counselling is a private, one-to-one space for you to explore your feelings and relationships with others by working with a professional third party. As a counsellor, I will be non-judgmental, patient and with you every step of the way along the journey. Counselling can be particularly helpful if:

  • You've discovered something about yourself that you'd like help exploring or understanding

  • You're feeling lost and want a place to find your way, your passions, or yourself

  • Things in your life are making you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or sad

  • You feel constantly worried about the past or future and don't know how to relax or be in the present

Psychotherapy offers a similar space to counselling, but is traditionally more long-term and for more severe or enduring issues. It could be helpful if:

  • You feel there's patterns you fall into that do you more harm than good

  • You feel there are problems that have been haunting you for most of your life and you want to understand them

  • You find yourself entering hurtful relationships over and over and want to learn about yourself and your relationships

  • There are things that have impacted you as a child and you want to look at them as an adult


Eilidh Albert-Recht

A picture of Eilidh, the counsellor. She is smiling.

Welcome, I am so glad you have found this page. Looking for a counsellor can be an intimidating task, as I know from my own experiences! Hopefully you will find the below information helpful in determining whether I would be a good fit for you.

I have worked within mental health for over 10 years, giving me a wide variety of experience of people and problems they may be facing. I initially started my journey in working within mental health by pursuing psychology, which I studied at university. Eventually I realised that working with a person directly, and forming a relationship, was much more important to me, and I qualified in person-centred and psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy.

I love to learn; I spend my time delving into many hobbies, as they fuel my passion for life. Languages are important to me - I consider counselling as a way of creating a new language that fits your experience and is meaningful to you. I want to learn about you and what is important to you (or not!). My biggest strengths are compassion and patience, and I find my creativity feeds into my practice. My own experiences of trauma allow me to understand personally how this can impact a person. I try to find joy in the darkest of places, but I also understand the importance of sitting with sadness, confusion and loss when it is needed.


I have worked a great deal with people with a variety of diagnoses, life experiences, and troubles; whatever you bring, we will work with it together. Growing up as a third culture child, I can understand the challenge of cultural differences. I am LGBTQ+ friendly and kink friendly, and have worked with neurodivergent clients for many years. Whatever you bring, it is part of you, and I am happy to work with it in whatever way we can.

I am registered with the BACP membership body and work under their ethical framework.

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