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A Listening Ear - Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Uncertain about the future? Figuring out who you are or how to relate to others? Struggling with events or experiences from the past? Any part of life can feel overwhelming, confusing, or despairing. As a certified Counsellor and Psychotherapist I can support you to explore your experiences and deal with whatever you are struggling with. Finding a meaning that works for you can help you to feel confident, relate better to others, and go forward knowing yourself better.

I provide counselling and psychotherapy within Edinburgh and the Lothians. I have an in-person space in Musselburgh, and can do online sessions if you'd prefer. I also offer coaching if you would like help with a specific goal.

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Eilidh Albert-Recht

Welcome, I am so glad you have found this page. Looking for a counsellor can be an intimidating task, as I know from my own experiences! Hopefully you will find the below information helpful in determining whether I would be a good fit for you. Pleases click the arrow below for more information.

Photo of Eilidh, counsellor at Listening Ear


This service offers a space for you to explore aspects of yourself or your relationships with others. It is a collaborative experience where we engage emotionally and experientially with whatever you bring. I work in a person-centred and psychodynamically-influenced way. My in-person service provides a safe, comfortable and confidential room for us to be in together as we work through your thoughts, feelings and difficulties. Our work together can be short-term or long-term depending on what you need.

Please note that I am Musselburgh-based and my current in-person space does have stairs.


I also provide my counselling and psychotherapy services online through a secure video calling platform. This can be more accessible for if you struggle with mobility or anxiety about travel, or if it is more convenient.


Feel like you need a little more guidance than counselling or psychotherapy?

Coaching may provide you with tools, resources, or other services you need to feel able to reach your goals, whatever they may be. Together we can examine what you want to achieve, and set a plan for how to get there. This may include doing certain tasks outside of our session to support your goals, or getting you connected with other services to help you in your journey. 

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